Banana, Lemon and Honey – Natural Beauty Aids & Tips

There are lots of abundant gifts we can get from herbs, minerals and plants. Nature itself has provided us with unique skin care products. Why prefer the glamour of cosmetic if you can opt for the natural and sincere ways? Let us figure out how these things can be a form of beauty aids.
First is the versatile lemon. This the one that’s golden colored have that property that makes it possible to enhance the look of someone who uses it. Preparation is simple because we will only have to deal this in our own kitchen. Soon you will just be surprised that this can be a beauty regimen.
The reason why lemon is such beneficial because it has enzymes that will cleanse the dead skin cells away. You only have to sprinkle the little alum and the other half of the lemon is needed for skin rubbing. This example among those beauty aids is recommended especially after being through a day filled with pollution.
Second, almost everyone knows the importance of honey so it is of no secret to everyone in the world. Others are using this for health, right? But what other doesn’t know is that it can also be used as natural product for sensitive skin. It will be a good facial scrub. If you are interested with the process, mix a spoon of honey to the ground almonds. The almond that’s finer is better. Its purpose is to exfoliate the skin. Now as for the next process if possible to mix it with lemon juice, it is rather okay. Then massage it to the skin you wanted for improvement. Sooner, there will be additional moisture because of the honey.
Another fact about honey is that it is not purely for skin regimen alone but for hair as well. Just add it to an olive oil make sure that it will only amount the hone to few spoons since you will be applying this daily for better output. The one left for you is already that soft after wash feeling.
Now another advantage is for mouthwash. As almost everybody know that it gives good result for bad breath. But the idea that it stops gum bleedings is quite something new. The reason why that happens is because there are bacterial growths in the mouth.
Thirdly, banana really has lots of nutritional value but aside from that, it also has those effective medicinal properties. Banana as cosmetic can be applicable for dry skin and softening of face muscles.
The three can truly be your beauty aids. One doesn’t have to go all the lengths of purchasing the expensive cosmetic just so because we desire for healthy skin. Remember, it is always nice to opt for the natural ones. At least you can be certain of it’s effectiveness with no possible side effects.

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