Beauty is Not Just Skin Deep – A Youthful Look Without Any Products

Everyone knows that beauty is not just skin deep but how many people take the time to make themselves beautiful on the inside? If you do, the result is that you will make yourself more beautiful and youthful on the outside. Imagine a face scowling, sad and complaining. Now imagine that same face happy, smiling and laughing. Which is more beautiful? Which is more youthful?
Our external appearance is a vital part of who we are, our faces are the evidence of our lives. Great skin that glows with a wonderfully smooth complexion both looks and feels younger. A youthful face is fresh, happy and relaxed without worry lines and tension.
Being pretty is different from being beautiful. It’s obvious that a person becomes more beautiful through changing their thoughts because if on the inside that person is bitter and angry it will certainly spoil the overall appearance of that person! Make-up, hair styles, accessories all go to make someone look attractive but a positive and happy outlook will tap much deeper beauty.
Every face is improved when a smile is present and a smile comes from being happy and stress and worry free on the inside. Being worried or stressed are states of mind just as being happy is. Your state of mind is affected by the way you view things.
Accepting that our tastes and beliefs change as we grow, that we can learn new things and that it is possible to change, the benefits of changing your view point around certain issues will obviously make you a much more attractive person.
Just imagine how much more beautiful you will look (radiant smile etc) when you are in the middle of a ‘drama’ and you are composed, happy, even more able to find a solution to that ‘drama’ or ‘crisis’ because of your happier disposition and a stress free, unclouded mind? Your face not only contains four of your five sensory input channels and facilitates your verbal communication but it also looks nice when you smile.
The appearance of your face is also considerably enhanced by ‘kind eyes’ and smooth skin. Kind looking eyes are not on the head of an angry person. Smooth skin is not only due to well hydrated and moisturised skin but also due to skin that is stretched over muscles that are relaxed. Relaxed facial muscles are a result of a relaxed disposition free from anxiety.
For a truly radiant and youthful face take time to make yourself beautiful on the inside. There are many techniques you can use to change the way you react to stressful situations putting you in control of your emotions. Take time today to make yourself more youthful and beautiful both inside and out.

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