Paraben-Free Lotions and Creams

It has been added for many years as a strategic ingredient in consumer products like shampoos, shaving gels, commercial moisturizers, personal lubricants, cleansing gels, toothpaste, and topical creams. Currently, many consumer products you buy contain paraben in some form. For skincare products, parabens are mostly used as added ingredients to lotions and creams.
If the substance is harmful, why do businesses keep on using it? Manufacturers prefer to use paraben because it could ensure longer shelf life of their products. The reason is that parabens act as preservatives that could effectively inhibit unlikely growth of harmful bacteria, mold, and yeast, which commonly affect most consumer goods. Note that if paraben is beneficial to profit-yearning manufacturers, it is posing significant health risks to consumers.
When you choose and buy skincare products, particularly lotions and creams, make sure they do not contain paraben in any form. Up to about 60% of skincare products you apply to your skin could go deep down and enter your blood stream. Naturally, absorption of the synthetic preservative could bring about life-threatening dangers. Research efforts have found that parabens could possibly cause breast cancer. This is because this chemical has been found to mimic the structure of the female hormone estrogen.
A recent study conducted by Dr. S Oishi of Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health’s Department of Toxicology concluded that exposure to butyl paraben of newborn male mammals could adversely affect their testosterone secretion. Later, the substance was found to alter the normal function of the male animals’ reproductive system. That test was published in July 2002 by the Archives of Toxicology. Many other similar studies have also proven the risks parabens bring to our overall health.
Unsurprisingly, most skincare manufacturers today are very aware that modern consumers prefer paraben-free lotions and creams. As a consumer, you should beware of how manufacturers use the terms ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ in their product labels. These words do not guarantee that a skincare product is free of any form of paraben. To overcome this risk, be sure to read product labels carefully. Do not get misled by enticing front product labels. Parabens are usually listed in very small letters at the ingredients section of products that contain them. Stay away from products that include it.
Furthermore, be very particular about the skincare products you use. The next time you buy a good lotion, cream, or other skincare products, be sure to carefully check the labels. Be suspicious of chemical contents of any consumer product you buy. You certainly would not want to get exposed to harmful elements and chemicals that could possibly alter your overall health in the long run. You have the capability to avoid exposure to such synthetic and harmful ingredients. No one could force you to buy something that you think would not be worth your investment.

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