Skin Beauty Secrets

Most people like to look good, don’t they? After all, if we know we look good, then we feel good. An attractive appearance bolsters your self-confidence, and, it’s no secret that attractive people are generally more successful in life. Indeed there are many jobs where it is almost de rigeur to look attractive, such as a pop star, actor, TV personality, sales representative, receptionist, and so on.
We all want to look good, and our most important feature is our face, and a healthy skin is a major contributing factor towards an attractive face. To get that healthy glow to your complexion you need to look after your general health, but more specifically you should take heed of the following tips;
o Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Drinking up to eight glasses of water a day is recommended to help keep the skin plump and allow all the necessary repair and renewal processes to go on unhampered.
o Have a healthy and varied diet in order to supply your skin with all the nutrients it needs. Particularly important are micro-nutrients like vitamin A for collagen production, and vitamin C. Collagen is the matrix or sub-structure that helps to support the skin, and there needs to be sufficient collagen to do this. As we get older our natural ability to produce collagen declines, allowing skin to droop and sag with the formation of wrinkles. Other factors can also adversely affect collagen formation.
o Keep out of the sun. There is ample evidence that sunlight is one of the prime skin-ageing agents. It causes collagen breakdown and hence wrinkles, and in addition is responsible for brown spots, often seen on the back of the hands as well as the face. If you are a woman and your face is especially important, you should always wear some sun-block, even in the winter. Most modern make-up incorporates a sun-block, but you should check yours, and certainly keep out of strong direct sunlight in the summer months. In Australia there has been a big increase in skin cancer cases over recent decades, which is directly attributable to sun exposure, as people seek to develop a natural tan. For the sake of your skin you should make do with a fake tan.
o Do not smoke because the combination of heat around the mouth coupled with muscular movements causes excessive wrinkling with typically deep fissures eventually appearing in the upper lip area. The heat and smoke also cause discolouration of skin around the mouth which is difficult to reverse.
o Get sufficient sleep otherwise your body does not have sufficient time to repair itself and this will tend to show up first in the skin. You may suffer dry, lacklustre skin and peeling of scalp skin (dandruff).
o Exercise helps blood flow and general health which is reflected in the health of your skin, so it’s important to get some regular exercise.
The condition of your skin is more important than many realise. While we may not consciously recognise a healthy complexion, it is an important part of our appearance. We certainly can’t fail to notice an unhealthy complexion when we see it, and, whether we admit it or not, a person with a spotty face is at a social disadvantage.
Looking after your health, and your skin’s health, helps you achieve your goals in all walks of life.

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